Ceci est  l’enregistrement de la réalisation de  « Picnic in the field » par la  troupe de « l’Istanbouli Théâtre ».
Nous avons obtenu le prix de l’ Université du  Liban.
Nous voudrions que  Fernando Arrabal reçoive notre invitation pour le festival  du 8 au 12 de mars 2019
ou à sa date préférée  au  Rívoli Cinéma de Tyr, Sud du Liban.
« Un abrazo de  Tiro » (Tyr)
Kassem Istanbouli


Since 2014, Tiro Association of Arts (previously Istanbouli Theatre) has worked to bring together youth of different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds to create an alternative and critical movement through arts and culture.

We believe culture and arts can be strong drivers of development, social cohesion and, ultimately, change.

We work to foster culture in marginalised areas in the south of Lebanon to oppose the polarization, hatred and violence that are common for the areas we work in.

We aspire to provide young people in our community with independent spaces where they can freely express themselves, and work with each other irrespective of background, gender or religious affiliation.

Our Strategy

Providing youth with free training and cultural skill development

We build the capacities of youth in the fields of theatre, photography, film and arts. The training is free of charge so that marginalized youth and groups in society have access to the training and activities.

Creating and rehabilitating alternative spaces for culture and arts

We provide an alternative place, linked to the cultural history of an area/city where people can develop themselves and enjoy cultural activities and events. Such cultural places connect and bring people together, positively (re)shaping the collective identity of the communities and people.

Promoting the south of Lebanon as a place for culture and arts

We promote the South of Lebanon and
the areas we work in as places of cultural importance. With these (inter)national festivals we strengthen the image of the south of Lebanon as a place of culture and arts as opposed to hatred, war and violence.