(Jack Lang, Michel Houellebecq et Fernando Arrabal)


NEW YORK:   Marie-Lise Gazarian, PhD va publier un livre sur Fernando Arrabal.
Director, Graduate Program in Spanish . St. John’s University   Master of Arts in Spanish





T. JOHN’S UNIVERSITYone of the leading Catholic institutions in the United States and a promotor of Hispanic literature and culture, created its Graduate Program in Spanish in 1935. A thought-provoking Program, its Master of Arts in Spanish offers students a unique opportunity to study under the mentorship of a distinguished faculty, with such areas of expertise as linguistics, transcription of medieval manuscripts, creative writing, journalism, and the interrelationship of literature and the  visual arts.  Students also have the opportunity to meet writers and participate in symposia. Epsilon Kappa, the St. John’s Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Hispanic Honor Society, publishes a literary journal, Entre Rascacielos, to promote the creative works of students, open also to members of the national and international Hispanic community.   Marie-Lise GazarianPhD .   In today’s global society, knowing Spanish, the language spoken by over forty-eigmillion people in the United States, is an essential tool for any profession. A metropolitan and multicultural program with a traditional yet innovative curriculum, it challenges inquisitive minds by developing analytical skills through textual analysis of past and contemporary works. Students will have an opportunity to work closely with the faculty on academic and experiential learning projects which can lead to conference presentations and publications.   DEPARTMENT OF LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES

Dr. Marie-Lise Gazarian

Ph.D., Columbia University. As Vice President for the Northeast, Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, she was awarded the Order of Don Quijote. She is the recipient of the “Civil Order of King Alfonso X el Sabio” from the Spanish Government and of the “Order of Merit Gabriela Mistral” from the Chilean Government. She is the Editor and founder of Entre Rascacielos. An authority on Gabriela Mistral, Elena Poniatowska, Fernando Arrabal, Carmen Conde, Ana María Matute and Camilo José Cela. She is the Director of the Graduate Program in Spanish.