For a list of performances, see Arrabal’s official website: «Despite Arrabal’s protests to the contrary, his Panic Theory and his Panic Theatre place him within the avant-garde movement. Memory, chance, confusion, and the imagination are the touchstones of his Panic Theory. His plays contain each of these elements: memory leads to the use of the ritual; confusion and chance to the polymorphism of his characters; and the imagination finds its outlet in the surrealist and « barroque » aspects of his theatre. His use of ritual — a basic element of the contemporary avant-garde theatre — shows his debt to Antonin Artaud. As well, the Comic innocence of his theory, the use of the game to give structure to his plays and depth to his characters, the pseudo-mathematical formulae with which he draws the conclusions of his the  New York, NY 10010».

Theatre by Fernando Arrabal:
The condemned man’s bicycle, the Labyrinth, Picnic on the Battlefield and Guernica.
Barbara Wright’s english translation your works
Blue Caterpillar Productions
Engelman Recital Hall at
Baruch Performing Arts Center
the address of the Theatre is:
55 Lexington Ave, LLC – New York, NY 10010