by Fernando Arrabal

New York City.

Producing Organization: Dirt Contained Theatre Company

Rightsline Transaction Number: 197471

1st Performance Date July 20th.

« … in Fernando Arrabal’s Garden of Delights an actress tries to reject outside reality by diving head-long into her own created world, one littered with a series of surreal animal characters, including a half-man, half-ape; but no matter how far she submerges into her daydream reality, her real life and history are inescapable. Throw into the mix a healthy dose of sadomasochism, fame, time machines, nuns and violence and you have one hell of a fascinating play…
…this work was created by a man who spent three years as a member of Andre Breton’s surrealist movement. Created in the 1960s, the work was written by one of most « genial » and celebrated writers, Fernando Arrabal, who has lived in Paris  from since 1955.