autre arrabalesque :   « il a suffi  de trois gouttes d’eau à la tarentule pour orner sa toile de brillants  » (« a la tarántula le bastaron  tres gotitas de agua para adornar  su tela con brillantes « )

…N.Y.   N.Y.  : …Fernando Arrabal  « speaks about whatever he wants »… (lecture)

13 NOV, 6 PM: “ARRABAL … » hablarà de lo que quiera”…  en el Instituto Cervantes de NY – 211 East 49th street entre 1 y 2 ave

Organisation:  Consulado General de España (New York)  (cónsul: don Juan Ramón Martinez Salazar)

« Arrabal’s theatre is a wild, brutal, cacophonous, and joyously provocative world. It is a dramatic carnival in which the carcass of our “advanced” civilizations is barbecued over the spits of  a permanent revolution. He is the artistic heir of Kafka’s  lucidity and Jarry’s humor; in his violence, Arrabal is related to Sade and Artaud . Yet he is doubtless the only writer to have pushed derision as far as he did. Deeply political and merrily playful, both revolutionary and bohemian, his work is the syndrome of our century of barbed wire and Gulags, a manner of finding a reprieve.’’:   The Dictionary of Literatures in the French Language (Dictionnaire des littératures de langue française; Editions Bordas. Fernando Arrabal (born August 11, 1932) is a Spanish playwright, screenwriter, film director, novelist and poet. Arrabal was born in Melilla, Spain, but settled in France in 1955; he describes himself as “desterrado,” or “half-expatriate, half-exiled.”  Arrabal has directed seven full-length feature films; he has published over 100 plays, 14 novels, 800 poetry collections, chapbooks, and artist’s books; several essays, and his notorious “Letter to General Franco” during the dictator’s lifetime. His complete plays have been published in a number of languages, in a two-volume edition totaling over two thousand pages. The New York Times theatre critic Mel Gussow has called Arrabal the last survivor among the “four  avatars of modernism.” In 1962 Arrabal co-founded the Panic Movement with Alejandro Jodorowsky and Roland Topor,  and was elected Transcendent Satrap of the Collège de Pataphysique in 1990. Forty other Transcendent Satraps have been elected over the past half-century, including Marcel Duchamp, Eugène Ionesco, Man Ray, Boris Vian, Dario Fo, Umberto Eco Simon Leys and Jean Baudrillard. A friend of Andy Warhol and Tristan Tzara, Arrabal spent three years as a member of André Breton’s surrealist group.  ‘’

14 de Noviembre: Presentación de VIVA LA MUERTE  de Fernando Arrabal

en el Anthology Film Archives,

sesión de preguntas y respuestas a contunuación.

32 de la Avenida 2, esquina con la calle 2.

A partir de las 7 de la tarde.

15  Novembre: Première  Theater for the New City, 155 de la Primera Avenida, entre las calles 9 y 10.

The New Stage Theatre Company

Garden of Delights

de Arrabal

“PREMIÈRE” :  November 15,  2012.

“…The New Stage Theater Company, founded in 2002

by Ildiko Nemeth,

brings international talent together to develop work which embraces their diverse cultural and artistic traditions to create a powerful and exciting foundation for vibrant theatre. The New Stage Theatre Company is committed to taking artistic risks to achieve a theatrical expression that overcomes the limitation of language, custom, and convention.”

“… génial  ‘Jardin des délices’ de Fernando Arrabal…”

… ‘Garden of Delights’  explores themes of sexuality and violence, good and evil. It centers on Lais, a famous and eccentric actress at the center of a fantastical world in which the lines between reality, imagination, and memory are blurred. Zenon, an ape-like beast, lives in a cage in Lais’s palatial home; the beast—a primal force of nature not unlike Lais herself—can be affectionate and effusive, but is ultimately uncontrollable. Miharca, Lais’ childhood friend, and Teloc, her past lover, appear and vanish like phantoms as Lais comes to terms with her artistry and her shadow through a bizarre, fantastical journey.

Production Personnel: Fabiyan Pemble-Belkin, Production Coordinator
The production will take place during the month of November and December.

THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY (TNC) is a Pulitzer Prize

winning community cultural center that is known for its high artistic standards and widespread community service. One of New York’s most prolific theatrical organizations, TNC produces 30-40 premieres of new American plays per year, at least 10 of which are by emerging and young playwrights. Many influential theater artists of the last quarter century have found TNC’s Resident Theater Program instrumental to their careers, among them Sam Shepard, Moises Kaufman, Richard Foreman, Charles Busch, Maria Irene Fornes, Miguel Piñero, Jean-Claude van Itallie, Vin Diesel, Oscar Nuñez, Laurence Holder, Romulus Linney and Academy Award Winners Tim Robbins and Adrien Brody. TNC also presents plays by multi-ethnic/multi-disciplinary theater companies who have no permanent home. Among the well-known companies that have been presented by TNC are Mabou Mines, the Living Theater, Bread and Puppet Theater, the San Francisco Mime Troupe and COBU, the Japanese women’s drumming and dance group. TNC also produced the Yangtze Repertory Company’s 1997 production of BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH, which was the only play ever produced in America by Gao Xingjian before he won the 2000 Nobel Prize for Literature. TNC seeks to develop theater audiences and inspire future theater artists from the often-overlooked low-income minority communities of New York City by producing minority writers from around the world and by bringing the community into theater and theater into the community through its many free Festivals. TNC productions have won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and over 42 OBIE Awards for excellence in every theatrical discipline. TNC is also the only Theatrical Organization to have won the Mayor’s …award.

New Stage Theatre Company


Office of the Consul General = Ignacio Arribas Castuera
Consulate General of Spain in New York
150 East 58th Street, 30th Floor/New York, NY 10155

autre arrabalesque: “…. la précision  l’enivre comme le sang le  tigre …”la precisión le embriaga coño al toigre la sangre »

collage: Jordi Soler: