One of Iran’s most important film makers, Jafar Panahi, is today incarcerated in the sadly notorious Evin political prison.
Behind bars for 80 days now, Jafar Panahi managed to get out the few words of the letter published on line by La Règle du jeu, words that deeply moved all who were present at the Festival when they were read last Saturday, at the top of the stairs, at Cannes.
By attacking a great artist of international renown like Jafar Panahi, the authorities of the Islamic Republic have made it clear that, from now on, they will stop at nothing to carry out their policy of repression to the ultimate.
A politically committed film maker whose works deal with Iranian society, Jafar Panahi has always chosen to remain in Iran, despite threats from the government. His only mistake was to support MirHossein Moussavi, a candidate who was nonetheless selected by the Iranian regime during the last presidential election. Today the Iranian government is accusing him of currently making a film against the regime, an accusation Panahi has refuted in his letter.
This is why we demand the immediate and unconditional release of the Iranian film maker.


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7 Commentaires

  1. Je soutiens et signe la pétition pour la libération immédiate de Jafar Panahi.

    Jacques Déniel, Directeur cinéma Jean-Vigo, Gennevilliers – France

  2. je soutiens la pétition en faveur de jafar et réclame sa libération immédiate

  3. Bonjour,
    Voici l’info publiée sur le site « Free Jafar Panahi » de Facebook, il y a quelques heures. Il n’y a pas de lien. C’est donc à vérifier.
    Phyllis Mollet

    Jafar Panahi in his 5th day of hunger strike was finally able to meet with the judge, his lawyer and family. While he still not free from Evin Prison, its a small step towards it. The campaign to support him has paid off. Everytime we draw international attention, the regime in Tehran reacts. UNITY and SOLIDARITY works…. Thanks to all people anywhere in the world!

    He is still on hunger Strike as his third request is not yet answered. His case has been passed to Revolutionary Court and he might go to court next Saturday.

    Meanwhile after great effort of Iranian and French artists in France there will be a group of 4 people representing France Ministries of Culture Foreign affair are going to Iran to submit the formal request for Panahi’s release.