« Fando y Lis ».

Premiere on December 1st in

Theatre (Thessaloniki). Currently  for festivals in Greece, in Europe and Internationally

Odysseas Zikas: « …We are all very enthusiastic about the play. The rehearsals go very well with trementus energy, very fine young actors that want to go beyond their limits to explore and experiment. We have a superb musician, in the role of Pan, to play original accompaniments with anything that can produce sounds: gongs, drums, cahon, weirdly tuned guitars etc. The set is going to be a desert with actual sand, and the audience will be located arena-wise…. »


Fando et Lis - Thessalonique - Répétitions
Fando et Lis – Thessalonique – Répétitions

The Fando y Lis team:

Eliana Antoniadou
Maria Arvaniti
Giorgos Giannakis
Paolo Gruni
Dimitris Koustolidis
Giorgos Vrachnos
Michela Simeonidou (for the translation in greek)